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What We Believe In

We believe that you are a whole person. You are not broken; you are simply struggling. Here, we are committed to healing the whole person through a variety of different treatment processes that will be chosen just for you. Once you walk through our doors, we are committed to being part of your team to help you achieve sobriety.

In addition, we work with you and your family after you graduate from TTC Care to make sure that you transition to a program that can help you as you are reintroduced to a sober life. We believe in success, we believe in sobriety, and we believe in you.

Our Mission:

Restore hope to every individual and family member who walks through our doors for lifelong addiction recovery.

Our Philosophy:

You are a whole person who deserves to be treated with respect, with the highest standard of care, and with the main goal of wellness. We also believe in you and your beliefs. Therefore, you can choose between two tracks: a 12-Step higher power methodology or our Christian-based program, Road to Freedom.

Whichever track you choose, you will find guidance from a higher power and learn to let go. We will be here for you long after your inpatient treatment comes to a close. We invite you to call us anytime, whenever you may need ? even if it?s just for a 20-minute chat.About The Treatment Center's Spiritual Care

Why Choose TTC Care

TTC Care respects your ideals and beliefs about a higher power. We know how to get you well, but you know what you believe in. When it comes down to it, you need to get honest with yourself that you have a problem and hand that over to something greater than yourself. What that looks like is up to you. TTC Care?s inpatient program will give you the flexibility to choose a Christian-based or 12-step approach.

The road to recovery is a personal one, and we let you walk it the way you?re comfortable with.
Learn more about why you should choose the TTC Care program:

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Our Expert Staff and Experienced Clinicians

At TTC Care, you?ll experience the highest standards of patient care. Our professional and board-certified staff is passionate about helping each and every individual who walks through our doors ? no matter where they are on the path to recovery. Our staff believes that once you become a patient at TTC Care, you become part of our family.

We work as a team as you progress through your treatment. From day one where we plan your treatment to the day you graduate and move to another level of care, we are walking your journey to recovery with you. You are never alone to figure it all out by yourself. We?ll be there too.

Our staff:

  • Treats each and every patient with respect and compassion
  • Makes a commitment to your full inpatient treatment
  • Uses its decades of board-certified experience to assist you on your journey to recovery
  • Treats you fairly and collaborates with some of the most-trusted names in substance abuse and mental health counseling
  • Comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and has a wide range of experiences in their personal lives

This is where values matter. We care. We trust. We love. We restore hope.

Meet The Staff:

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Premier, World-Class West Palm Beach Location

Research shows that removing yourself from your current situation and starting your recovery in a neutral environment away from work and family can increase your chances for recovery success. At TTC Care, you?ll be free from outside distractions or temptations, and you?ll be able to focus on yourself and your own recovery goals.

Our location is nestled by the ocean and a small town where you will be able to connect with nature and feel renewed. Perhaps, you may even decide to start a new life here. Many alumni of our program stay, and some even work here after graduation.

Our facility also includes a luxury spa-like Wellness Center where you will receive treatments ranging from massage to chiropractic care. The Wellness Center even offers its own signature brand of products, including creams and oils.

We?re here 24/7, 365 days a year ? even holidays. You deserve to heal. You deserve TTC Care.
All calls are private and confidential.

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