When Is It Time for a Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program?

Maybe you?re considering a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program for the first time. Perhaps you?ve ?been there, done that? before. If your search for more information about addiction treatment and recovery for yourself or someone you love has led you here, know that The TTC Care has a longstanding, rock-solid reputation for providing compassionate care. It?s what we do best.

Your Life at a Crossroads Has Brought You Here

A life consumed with substance abuse impacts more than the user: It affects everyone he or she knows, as well. Friends, family, coworkers and others have taken notice of the missed obligations, broken promises and erratic behaviors associated with drug or alcohol addiction. It?s obvious that your day-to-day is unmanageable.

Your life at a crossroads is in the here and now. The question is, will you continue down this path of certain chaos, confusion and unhealthy dysfunction, or will you choose wellness and sobriety?

Why Choose an Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program over Other Programs?

Residential Treatment options at TTCCareIt takes time to effectively remove the damage done to the body and the brain from drug or alcohol abuse. While most people can get through the initial detoxification process within a few days or a few weeks (depending on the substance used), there are other physical and mental health issues that will remain and need to be addressed.

What is behind the addiction? What are the personal triggers? What are the specific behaviors and environments that increase the likelihood for relapse?

These questions are the crux of what we deal with, together, in our inpatient addiction treatment program. The answers, which only you or the person you care about can provide, are the keys to unlock long-term sobriety for good.

Any drug or alcohol rehab program that does not include this precise level of care is not geared to adequately support recovery. We do. Every hour of every day.

Upsides to our inpatient addiction treatment program include:

  • Patient-focused individualized treatment
  • Multidisciplinary team of highly accredited doctors and health care specialists
  • Medically supervised detox and stabilization, around the clock
  • Residential stay allows patients to leave everyday stresses behind
  • Holistic therapies that promote wellness so the body can heal itself
  • Life skills and healthy coping mechanisms that support sobriety
  • Nutrient-rich meals
  • Laundry services

Factors that Intensify the Need for Inpatient Care

Residential Treatment Medical CareAs our residential inpatient addiction treatment program begins to peel away the source of addictive behavior, other health and environmental issues may become more evident and require further evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Many addictions are fueled by underlying mental illnesses such as depressive, anxiety or bipolar disorders, a scenario known as dual diagnosis. Without inpatient residential treatment, the following circumstances may go unnoticed, putting patients and their family at risk:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Health risks from detox
  • Lack of (or unstable) external support systems

Inpatient Treatment: An Integrated Approach Toward Healing and Recovery

Inpatient residential treatment is the most strategic form of rehabilitation available. Leaving the safety net of home for drug or alcohol addiction treatment increases a patient?s chances for recovery, as home life is often the source of relapse triggers.

After detox, stabilization and an inpatient addiction treatment program, the recovery process continues through aftercare services and sober living programs. By starting your new road to wellness with the foundational tools and compassionate care needed from a single, peer-respected facility, the process is not only smoother, but more rewarding.

What to Expect from Our Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Thanks to our medical practitioners, licensed therapists and holistic professionals, patients in the TTC Care inpatient program experience a collaborative approach to their care.

Each patient also has a hand in the structuring of his or her own aftercare program, making the transition from residential treatment to outpatient recovery more manageable, promoting sustained sobriety.

TTC Care inpatient program options include:

  • Medically supervised detox and stabilization
  • Holistic therapies such as acupuncture, cold laser therapy and chiropractic care
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Recreational outdoor activities
  • 12-step program
  • Faith-based recovery
  • Family program
  • Court liaison program
  • Freshly prepared meals and snacks
  • Laundry service

Your Well-Being Matters Most

Remember when you were the real you, loving life and living it without drugs or alcohol dictating your every move? Seize the day! Take hold of a better future by restoring hope now.

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