Individual Needs Met with Intensive Outpatient Program for Recovery

People are different. Treatment and recovery programs should be just as individualized, as patients do better when provided better choices in care. For those who have completed an inpatient residential stay, including a medically supervised detox program, transitioning into a typical outpatient treatment program can be too much, too soon.

Patients undergo many changes physically and psychologically during the first phase of treatment and may not be ready to make a leap into some of the freedoms that are found in other outpatient programs. That?s why TTC Care recommends its intensive outpatient program (IOP) for addiction recovery.

Why the Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction Recovery Makes a Difference

The first few weeks of treatment are the most crucial, often defining the likelihood of patients? success toward sobriety. Our intensive outpatient program for addiction recovery provides patients with the ongoing treatment they need, from eight weeks to six months if necessary. Patients receive the support tools they need at times that serve them best, to help minimize stress and build self-confidence.

How Does IOP Treatment Work?

We recommend that after an inpatient stay here at The TTC Care or another residential treatment program, you or your loved one should move on to the next logical course of action ? our intensive outpatient program for addiction recovery.

While in our program, patients immerse themselves in a variety of healing methodologies, from traditional, evidence-based practices that include psychiatry to holistic therapies such as pain management, nutritional counseling and recreational activities. Our team makes ongoing assessments to capture each patient?s rate of recovery and to document the progress made towards a healthier way of life.

We integrate wellness through compassionate care. It?s the basis of our philosophy, as true healing must come from a genuine concern for patients and their families. It?s how we restore hope every day, piece by piece.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling helps patients delve deeper into the source of their addiction ? especially helpful for those with dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder along with substance abuse.

Group Therapy Sessions

A common feeling among patients during treatment is their sense of lonesomeness. Group therapy creates a safe environment for patients to share experiences and grow together. They discuss trauma and grief and celebrate personal victories. The group format also provides them the opportunity to forge healthier relationships with others who are on similar paths.

Holistic Therapies

Outpatient Holistic TreatmentHolistic services that patients have already enjoyed during residential treatment can be continued during outpatient care to help manage chronic pain, anxiety and substance cravings. Some of our outpatient services best known for sustaining recovery are acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care.


Throughout recovery, knowledge is power. Giving patients the learned skills to combat negative thought patterns can make treatment and recovery easier and help them overcome relapse triggers in the future.

Faith-Based Treatment

Faith comes in many ideologies. Patients who began their treatment plan following a faith-based program can continue that work within our intensive outpatient program for addiction recovery. Pastors and Christian-based therapists are available for counsel.

Court Liaison Services

At times, legal issues can follow drug or alcohol dependency. Our court liaison services provide patients peace of mind during outpatient treatment. We help take care of any necessary communication with patients? court representatives, so that they can concentrate on their wellness journey and not be distracted by legal challenges.

Case Management Services

The outside world doesn?t stop during treatment, and neither do a patient?s ?normal life? obligations. From the moment patients begin a residential program here, a specially assigned case manager will be with them and continue to provide ongoing support through outpatient treatment.

This is one of the many ways we allow patients to focus on what they?re here for ? treatment and recovery ? while case managers help with job searches, r?sum? building, college entrance applications and more.

Open Beds Available if Inpatient Treatment Is Needed

Throughout the outpatient program, patients may move forward in various aspects of recovery and then take a step or two back. It isn?t a permanent setback, just part of the natural progression of self-discovery and healing. If necessary, patients can return to the TTC Care residential facility for re-stabilization.


The more patients can be a part of the many treatment options we have available through our intensive outpatient program for addiction recovery, the more likely they will be able to achieve long-term sobriety. To ensure this, we help with coordinating transportation from their place of residence to here and back.

In Residential Treatment and Beyond, Count on Us

Recovery is a process. TTC Care provides the highly accredited staff, industry leading techniques and life skills needed to get you or your loved one through the recovery process, for a lifetime. The transition to sober living may not be seamless, but our intent is to make it timeless, for you and those you care about.

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