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Facing drug or alcohol addiction is hard. Coming to grips with a dual diagnosis related to the addiction is necessary for successful recovery and more common than you might think.

Addiction and mental illness in Florida, and in the U.S. as a whole, affect many people from various backgrounds and ages. With the rate of illicit and prescription drug use increasing, incidences of dual diagnoses are likely to rise.

There are many reasons why dual diagnosis can occur. Once you or someone you care about begins to battle addiction and mental health issues, there are recommended courses of action that can provide hope and resolve towards living a substance-free and more balanced life. TTC Care is an essential place to start.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis

When addiction and mental illness exist together, these are known as co-occurring disorders ? or dual diagnosis. As each condition can heighten the other, it can be difficult to articulate which came first: the addiction or the mental disorder.

Those with mental illness can seek alcohol or drug use as a way to minimize their symptoms of emotional or chemical imbalance. On the other hand, long-term drug or alcohol abuse, left untreated, alters brain and body chemistry, creating an environment for mental illness to develop.

No matter which illness evolves first, with dual diagnosis, both feed off one another and can lead to life-altering events. This is why licensed, highly accredited therapists need to identify the associated behaviors and put into place a treatment and recovery plan that works best for each patient.

Risk Factors for Dual Diagnosis Development

In addition to alcohol or drug abuse or an existing mental illness, there are other factors that can increase a person?s risk for developing a dual diagnosis. Addiction and mental illness share a commonality in that they can change the way the brain develops and processes information.

Dual diagnosis risk factors include:

  • Genetic markers or family history of addiction or mental illness
  • Early age use of drugs or alcohol
  • Early age development of mental illness
  • Environmental stressors (such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse) with addiction

Concerns About Dual Diagnosis Are Real, So Are the Symptoms

Recognizing indications of co-occurring disorders can be tricky because the signs support standalone diagnoses of alcoholism, drug dependency or mental illness.

The following can manifest as obvious-to-subtle symptoms:

  • Moodiness and/or irritability
  • Inability to function in school or at work
  • Inability to function in social settings
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Engaging in risky behaviors
  • Overall lack of control (physical, verbal or emotional)

Specific symptoms may not appear, and the way co-occurring disorders present themselves may vary greatly, depending on the person. However, anyone with a dual diagnosis ? not under medical care ? has an extremely difficult time managing and performing normal social, occupational or recreational activities.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment and Recovery Are Medical Care Specialties

Due to the nature of co-occurring disorders and how they affect a person physiologically and psychologically, effective treatment is best handled in the care of licensed therapists, psychiatrists and other health care practitioners.

TTC Care in Florida specializes in dual diagnosis addiction treatment. Under our programs, we ensure patients receive an initial assessment upon arrival. Upon review, we then create a custom treatment plan that focuses on the individual and how to best combat the substance abuse and mental health issues by uncovering what?s behind both disorders.

Individual and group therapies, life skills training and holistic practices are incorporated into our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs as lifelong recovery is enhanced by the continual use of the methodologies learned here. With our expert care and treatment, patients who have a co-occurring disorder can experience a sober and successful life.

The Right Treatment for Addiction and Mental Illness in Florida Is Here

Dual diagnosis can be complex, but finding the right treatment doesn?t have to be. The compassionate staff at TTC Care can help distinguish how anxiety, depression or bipolar disorders and substance abuse have developed into a dual diagnosis scenario.

Let us be your resource for information, treatment and recovery to help you live happier and healthier than you ever thought possible.

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