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Want to know what news organizations have been saying about The Treatment Center? Curious to know more about our staff and their contributions to important topics in the news? These and other questions can be answered here on our media and press resource page.

TTC Care is one of the nation’s leading addiction treatment centers. Our West Palm Beach-area residential facility and our treatment breakthroughs are commonly featured in local and national news media. Likewise, members of our dedicated medical staff are often called upon to share their expertise with news outlets in the form of expert interviews.

The latest press and media stories involving TTC Care are as follows:

How to Get Your Loved One into Drug Treatment

When it comes to the people in life who we love and care about, nothing but the very best will do. If you suspect that your loved one is abusing drugs and alcohol, it may be time to find the best drug or alcohol recovery program. But how can you get your loved one on board with that idea? Not everyone is open […]

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Three Benefits of Staying in a Residential Treatment Facility

3 Benefits of staying in a residential treatment facility

Are you thinking about getting help to get rid of your addiction? The good news is that you’re already ahead of the game when you realize it’s time to get yourself help. If you are trying to get the best possible results from treatment, you should consider checking into an inpatient rehab like the one here at The Treatment Center. Here are 3 benefits of staying in a […]

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Should I Check into Inpatient Rehab?

Should I check in to inpatient rehab?

Are you tired of letting your addiction run your life? You don’t have to continue to live a life weighed down by the chains of addiction! When it comes to getting yourself help, there are two great options for treatment: outpatient or inpatient rehab. You may be wondering to yourself, should I check into an inpatient rehab or is outpatient better? The experts […]

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Three Reasons to Consider Inpatient Rehab

3 Reasons to consider inpatient rehab treatment

Are you looking into an inpatient or outpatient rehab program for addiction? For many people, the process of getting sober isn’t an easy path to follow. Many find that inpatient rehab offers certain advantages which makes the transition to sobriety a little bit easier. Here are 3 reasons you should check into an inpatient rehab from the experts at The Treatment Center Residential Addiction Care!   Outpatient […]

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Who Needs Prescription Drug Addiction Help?

Who needs prescription drug help

One of the biggest problems facing our nation is addiction to prescription pain medication. No matter the reasons why your loved one became addicted to prescription medication, the dangers are the same across the board. Are you unsure about your loved one having an addiction or not? Here are some signs that your loved one needs prescription addiction treatment from the […]

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Florida Fentanyl Sellers Can Now Be Charged with Murder Under New Bill Signed into Law

Florida Fentanyl Sellers Can Now Be Charged with Murder Under New Bill Signed into Law

No one questions the severity of the opioid drug crisis in the United States. No one doubts the grave dangers of fentanyl use. But some lawmakers in Florida have pulled together to do something about it. And for the many who have suffered loss due to addiction, it’s not a moment too soon. In June […]

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