Learn About the TTC Care Addiction Treatment Center Alumni Program

Alumni Outing - BowlingAt TTC Care, we recognize that the transition from inpatient treatment back to everyday life can be challenging. Since being founded in 2010, we?ve made it our mission to provide additional resources to patients who graduate from The Treatment Center to aid them during their early recovery.

One of the most difficult parts of early recovery is working through temptation, triggers and cravings without a direct support system. Friends and family will do their best to be empathetic, but sometimes the most comforting words come from those who have faced the same challenges.

Group therapy and community events constituted that support system during treatment. Afterward, TTC Care graduates can get access to the the same encouragement and accountability through our alumni program.

Our Alumni Program Events and Services

Alumni Outing - Treatment OptionsOur alumni events and services provide graduates of our inpatient treatment program with an opportunity to stay connected with fellow alumni and their favorite staff members. In addition to hosting events specifically for alumni, we also invite our graduates to participate in any of our sobriety focused gatherings. By encouraging communication between current clients, alumni and staff, we help remind our graduates that they are never alone on the road to recovery.

The following events and services are just a sample of the resources we provide to our alumni:

  • Alumni Meetings ? Weekly meetings for those in early recovery connect recent graduates with more experienced alumni who can provide advice on dealing with the transition to normal life.
  • Fellowship Events ? We aim to help alumni connect with one another at our monthly fellowship events, allowing graduates to naturally develop a sense of community, companionship and accountability.
  • Our 24-hour Hotline ? We go above and beyond the average treatment center by giving our alumni access to a 24-hour hotline. Our admissions counselors are always standing by to help our graduates work through their struggles and find victory in recovery.
  • Social Media ? Graduates don?t always need to visit our Florida facility to learn more about future events and alumni meetings. We keep our Facebook and Twitter pages up to date with event announcements and other chances for alumni to connect in person.
  • Recommendations for Sober Living ? We encourage our alumni to stay in touch with recent graduates and to provide them with important pieces of information, such as details about local sober living residences that support TTC alumni.

Maintain Sobriety with Alumni Support

Early recovery can be one of the most difficult hurdles a person can face after completing formal treatment. This is why we are committed to making sure our graduates don?t go it alone. Our experienced counselors, physicians and other professionals take pride in helping clients regain hope in their lives. Providing extensive services to our alumni is just one way that we work toward that goal.

TTC Care alumni can reach out to us at 844-310-9546 or peruse this site to learn more about our services, sign up for our newsletter and check for upcoming events. If you?d like some tips on relapse prevention strategies and how to keep your recovery going strong, click below to download our free Recovery Toolkit.