Therapeutic Massage for Holistic Addiction Treatment in Florida

The drug and alcohol addiction recovery process isn?t easy. Treatment requires hard work and a desire to rediscover a patient?s better self. Holistic healing methods, such as therapeutic massage, present a welcome, softer side to recovery.

At TTC Care in the West Palm Beach area of Florida, the gentle, trained fingers, hands and elbows of our licensed massage therapists carefully and strategically maneuver muscles, soft tissue and nerve pressure points in patients. This process adds a new layer of physical and emotional detoxification. Our massage experts take pride in bringing out ?sighs of relief.?

The Difference a Therapeutic Massage Can Make

A therapeutic massage is different than a deep tissue or Swedish massage. With therapeutic massage, the patient comes to the therapist with a specific issue. For many in drug and alcohol treatment programs, especially those with a dual diagnosis, therapeutic massage can provide many benefits ? immediate and residual.

Therapeutic massage can:

  • Alleviate tension
  • Stimulate healing
  • Improve circulation

What to Expect from a Therapeutic Massage Regimen

Therapeutic Massage For Holistic Addiction Treatment - TTC CareBefore the first session begins, the therapist and patient discuss all physical and mental health issues and then arrive at the holistic approach best suited for the individual.

The initial meeting can include:

  1. Assessment of current health conditions
    • Core substance dependency
      • Alcohol
      • Drug (by type)
      • Duration of addiction
    • Physical pain
      • Range of motion
    • Emotional pain
    • Mental health issues
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Bipolar disorder
  1. Designing a treatment plan
    • Focused on health issue(s)
    • Focused on treatment goal
    • Defining recommended length of treatment plan
    • Defining intervals of treatment sessions
    • Providing level of expectation for treatment experience and results
    • Providing suggestions to supplement treatment
      • Ice packs
      • Heating pads
      • Specific stretches
      • Other holistic therapies
  1. Delivering the massage treatment
    • Taking note of sensitive focal points
    • Adjusting treatment to enhance experience
  1. Evaluation of the massage
    • More pain
    • Less pain
    • Emotional release achieved

The Science Behind the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

One of the most difficult aspects of the addiction recovery process is retraining the brain regarding its natural response to pleasure. Mood is set by a patient?s level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Alcohol and drug addiction alter the balance of the chemicals that regulate mood, affecting temperament and, ultimately, behavior.

A non-invasive form of treatment to counterbalance the negative effects of substance abuse is therapeutic massage therapy. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, studies have shown that this type of holistic healing can elevate dopamine levels, much like illicit drugs do, to create positive sensations and mood in the recipient.

Neuroscience researchers have discovered the link between massage therapy and lowered levels of anxiety and depression ? in addition to an increased sense of tranquility and happiness. For patients suffering from a dual diagnosis, therapeutic massage treatment touches the many issues they face and can provide healthy resolve throughout recovery.

Patients Find More Balance with a Therapeutic Massage Regimen

Outpatient Massage Room Lake Worth Florida - TTC CareDuring substance abuse recovery, TTC Care can provide patients with the most well-rounded approach to achieving greater well-being by including holistic methods of treatment.

Ongoing therapeutic massage therapy sessions and other alternative therapies, such as meditation, allow for a genuine mind, body and spirit treatment program.

With massage therapy, our patients can experience:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Lowered anxiety levels
  • Lowered levels of stress
  • Increased flow to the lymphatic system
  • Increased function of cytotoxic T-cells (wards of illness and disease)

Our holistic treatment sessions take place within the tranquility of Lake Worth, Florida and near the soothing waters of the Atlantic. Start your road to recovery with an alternative approach to care. Find peace now at TTC Care.

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