TTC Care Women?s Groups for Addiction Recovery

Some things are just easier to talk about with your girlfriends.

Womens Group - Especially when it comes to the sensitive topics that surround addiction and how you got on this path in the first place, it?s essential to have a supportive group of female friends with whom you can talk honestly and receive compassion and encouragement.

The TTC Care inpatient treatment program offers several women-only groups that are focused on healing from addiction from a female perspective. These are in addition to the many other co-ed groups that you can choose from at TTC Care to build a customized treatment plan.

Several Women?s Support Groups to Choose From

The following groups are just a sampling of what we offer to female patients in Florida:

Women?s Detox Primary Daily Group

For women in the detox stage of treatment, this group is an ideal place to introduce yourself, get to know your female peers going through the program with you, and become familiar with the group process.

You?re encouraged to connect with one another by supporting, validating and affirming each other?s struggles. Your facilitator may also open and close group sessions with centering practices such as meditation, relaxation techniques or grounding exercises.

Women?s Group

This group is centered on self-esteem ? the role it plays in your life and in the recovery process. We?ll address issues such as:

  • The Competition Between Women
  • Body Image
  • Roles and Identity
  • Gender Stereotypes

This group is recommended for all of our female patients.

Women?s Issues

womens group - support

Here, you?ll have the opportunity to talk about personal, family and addiction problems from a female perspective, while also receiving wisdom, support and encouragement from other women. Issues that we address here include:

  • Triggers and Coping Skills
  • Relationships
  • Sponsorship
  • Living Life in Recovery

We also recommended this group for all female patients.

Women?s Battles

This faith-based group uses a cyclical approach to address a woman?s transition through phases of challenges to empower the patient toward self-actualization. This group is recommended for all women.


This group is especially helpful for female patients struggling with trauma from sexual abuse. We offer hope for healing, eliminate feelings of isolation, and educate on the Biblical basis for God?s unconditional love and forgiveness.

Here, we facilitate emotional healing by reading from the ?In the Wildflowers? counseling series workbook, using devotionals and the sharing of personal testimonies.

Specialized Care for Each Woman

Our goal at TTC Care is to provide each and every woman with the best possible rehabilitation experience based on her unique needs. We invite you to learn more about the services we offer through our inpatient program and how we customize the treatment experience to each of our patients? needs and preferences. Our admissions counselors are standing by 24/7 to take your call.

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