TTC Care Groups for Overcoming Trauma and Grief in Addiction Recovery

We?ve all experienced trauma and grief in our lives to varying degrees, from childhood bullying to major, life-changing events. As a prime example, the loss of a loved one ? through death, divorce or a parting of ways ? leaves an undeniable impact on the human psyche.

During these times of heartache and loss, we seek comfort, a place to turn for empathy and moral support. But for some, the interpersonal help they need is not available, or they?re not willing to reach out to others for support. When this happens, those suffering from trauma and grief may turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain and fill the emotional void.

The Trials of Life Take Their Toll

When a patient enters residential treatment for addiction, the body will be cleansed of harmful substances, but the emotional wounds still need to be healed, or else the patient will most likely end up using again after he or she leaves the rehabilitation program.

In conjunction with medical detox, drug and alcohol addiction treatment also utilizes therapy and support group activities to address the psychological wounds that a patient needs to heal in order to truly enter the path to recovery.

Of the many group classes TTC Care offers in Florida, several are designed specifically to support patients in identifying and clearing the emotional residue of past trauma and grief experiences. We also work to build up the patient?s sense of self-worth, which helps with confidence and happiness and reduces the likelihood of future trauma and relapse.

Groups to Support Those Who?ve Experienced Trauma or Grief

Group Support West Palm Beach Florida - TTC CareTTC Care, based in the West Palm Beach area of Florida, provides a variety of groups that help patients release emotional pain in a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental environment. Through empathy and support, patients are able to create a fresh foundation for an emotionally satisfying life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Because everyone experiences some degree of trauma in their lives, we recommend that all patients participate in at least one of our trauma and grief groups.

Here?s an overview of the most popular trauma and relief groups we offer at TTC Care:

Creative Movement

This group helps patients release emotions that stem from trauma through creative movement, while also giving participants a chance to develop skills in non-verbal communication and creative expression.

Grieving a Loss

This psychotherapeutic process group is especially for those who need to work through the pain of grief and loss. This group is recommended to all patients.

Trauma 101

This psychoeducational group focuses on increasing awareness of the role of trauma in addiction. This is a good place to start if you?re not sure if your difficult life experiences really qualify as trauma.

Healing What Hurts

This psychotherapeutic process group helps patients work through symptoms related to unresolved past trauma.

Creative Visual Arts

Use art to express what needs to come out of you. No previous experience or artistic ability is required: This is a non-judgmental setting in which to have fun and express oneself through art.


This women-only group offers victims of sexual abuse hope for their healing, helps eliminate feelings of isolation, and educates on the Biblical foundation for God?s unconditional love and forgiveness.

Moving Past Trauma, Grief and Addiction

Support Groups Overcoming Trauma And Grief In Addiction Recovery - TTC CareWhatever your story, regardless of your trials, know that you can find empathetic support with TTC Care that validates your experience and empowers you to tap into reservoirs of strength you may not even know you have.

If you suspect that your addiction ? or that of a loved one ? is rooted in unresolved trauma, reach out to TTC Care?s experienced admissions counselors to learn how our treatment can be customized to fit your unique needs to address the heart of the matter. Rest assured that all discussions are kept confidential.

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