TTC Care Men?s Groups for Addiction Recovery

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Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a process that takes time and plenty of support from people who are committed to your success. At TTC Care, we understand that each person has unique needs on this journey, and sometimes the support a person needs is best delivered through group sessions geared to his or her particular gender.

In addition to the many co-ed groups we provide, we also offer several men-only support groups. These were created so that men have the opportunity to share their experiences and encourage one another in the security of a male-only group. These groups also address issues or topics that either only apply to men or that they might not feel comfortable talking about in a mixed-gender setting.

Several Men?s Support Groups to Choose From

Here are a few examples of the men?s groups we provide at TTC Care in Florida:

Men?s Detox Primary Daily Group

Mens Group sessionThis daily group is for men going through the detox level of care, providing an opportunity for patients to introduce themselves to their peers and become familiar with a process group structure.

Patients are encouraged to connect with one another by supporting, affirming or validating each other?s struggles, as modeled by the facilitator. This group usually incorporates a brief meditation practice, relaxation technique or grounding exercise at the beginning or conclusion of the meeting.

Men?s Issues

This is a great process group in which men have the opportunity to talk about personal, family and addiction problems from a perspective that relates specifically to the male gender. Some of the issues that we cover include:

  • Living Life in Recovery
  • Triggers and Coping Skills
  • Relationships
  • Sponsorship

Here, men are allowed to discuss the issues they feel they need to address while gaining support and encouragement from other men. This group is recommended for all male patients.

Men?s Issues ? Faith-Based

In this group, the objective is to process issues through the lens of God?s truths (there is nothing you?ve done that God won?t forgive you for) and to learn coping skills to stay sober and improve one?s life and relationships. This group covers several issues, including:

  • Relationships
  • Anger
  • Sponsorship
  • Resentment and Forgiveness

We recommend this group to patients taking a faith-based path to recovery, and to any man seeking to explore a Christian perspective on addiction recovery.

Customized Care for Every Man

Our goal at TTC Care is to give each and every male patient the best possible rehabilitation experience based on his unique needs. You?re encouraged to call us anytime to learn more about the services offered through our inpatient treatment program and how we tailor the experience to each of our patients? needs and preferences.

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