Support Groups for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

An important part of recovery from addiction is connecting with peers in a small group setting to work through feelings and experiences, and to become more educated about how to build a solid foundation for moving forward without the need for substances.

TTC Care offers a wide variety of recovery support groups, each targeted to specific needs. So whatever kind of support you or your loved one requires, you can find it here in our West Palm Beach-area facility. Group sessions at TTC Care are led by caring and compassionate facilitators who know how to get the most out of each meeting.

Support Groups Pave the Path to a Brighter Future

Support Groups Youre Never Alone With Us - TTC CareAt TTC Care, we are committed to saving lives and providing hope for a renewed future. While detox and medical treatment are important components of jumpstarting addiction rehabilitation, group sessions provide an ongoing support system throughout our treatment process.

In some cases, these group meetings can continue beyond residential treatment.

We offer more than a dozen types of groups for patients to join, including these popular choices:


This group helps both patients and family members understand what codependency is, how it?s impacting them, and how to set healthy boundaries to eliminate daily struggles. 

Creative Visual Arts

Patients are able to process parts of therapy through art and express themselves creatively in a fun, non-judgmental setting.

Dialectical Skills

Dialectical means that two opposing ideas can be true at the same time. This group helps patients develop an open-mindedness of thinking that allows them to better manage their emotions, behaviors and relationships.

Dramatic Arts

This introduction to acting and improv helps participants improve their assertiveness and self-esteem, which are key in maintaining sobriety.
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Family Dynamics

Patients learn about the patterns of relating and interacting between family members, as well as how to process emotional wounds and repair broken relationships.

Faith-Based Groups

We offer multiple groups that take a faith-based approach to addressing the spiritual aspects of reclaiming one?s life from addiction.

Men?s Groups and Women?s Groups

We offer multiple groups men?s and women?s groups that allow patients to address addiction problems from the perspective of their particular gender while receiving support and encouragement from peers.  

Learn More About Men?s Groups Learn More About Women?s Groups

Trauma and Grief

Because emotional trauma and grief are so often at the root of addiction, we provide a several different groups to help patients safely process trauma so that it is no longer controlling their lives.

Learn More About Trauma & Grief Groups

12-Step Focused

We offer numerous groups to support the 12-step process of addiction recovery.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Traumatic experiences may led to PTSD, which can in turn lead to substance abuse. Therefore, we?re committed to supporting patients in overcoming this disorder and regaining mental and emotional stability.

Recovery Skills and Relapse Education

Patients in this group learn and develop healthy recovery skills is essential to successful sobriety.

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Stop Smoking, Quit the Spit

This educational group helps patients formulate and pursue goals to quit tobacco use.

You?re Never Alone

Support Groups For Addiction Recovery - TTC CareDealing with addiction ? whether by yourself or as the loved one of someone fighting this disease ? is highly emotional and traumatic. Support from peers and therapists who genuinely care about your well-being is not optional; it?s essential.

At TTC Care, we?re with you every step of the way, and we?ve created support groups tailored to every type of need our patients have so that each person?s unique needs are met.

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