Helping You Deal with Court Obligations from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Court Liaison ServicesOftentimes, alcohol and drug abuse can lead to unwanted legal consequences. Whether you, a family member or friend is facing court obligations from drug and alcohol addiction in Florida or another state, TTC Care can help.

Our court liaison program allows patients to focus on recovery while we take care of any pending legal matters that need to be addressed during treatment.

What is a Court Liaison Services Program?

Unfortunately, it?s very easy for substance abuse and addiction to get people caught up on the wrong side of the law. Drug-related crimes such as selling, buying, and possession of illicit substances, as well as the misuse of legal substances, can have extreme legal repercussions like arrest and prosecution. Even if this was not the case, many people struggling with addiction may find themselves in a court room for other legal proceedings such as divorces, custody battles, and other issues that require immediate action and attention. Either way, it?s a dangerous balancing act when people with addiction are forced to focus on both recovery and the legalities surrounding it when time and strength really only allows for one over the other. This is where court liaisons services come in. The rehab facilities that offer these kinds of programs ensure that a patient?s legal proceedings are taken care of during the addiction recovery process.

Why Makes Court Liaison Services So Important for Recovery?

One of the major reasons why some people who struggle with addiction refuse seek help has a lot to do with the severity of the legal and financial issues surrounding their addiction. Not every case of addiction ends in legal troubles, but those who do end up struggling with money and the law as a result of their addictions are more likely to keep it to themselves out of embarrassment, guilt or shame. In cases like this, utilizing court liaison services as part of addiction treatment is a great benefit. These services allow for patients to fully focus on and commit to their recovery without the risks of further compromising their finances or legal standing. Our philosophy is to give our patients the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that their legal and financial issues are in good hands while they focus on restoring their health.

Let Us Take the Burden off Your Shoulders

Court Liaison coordinationNavigating the law and learning all the jargon can be extremely challenging ? especially when you are trying to focus on treatment and recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction can adversely affect a person?s ability to make sound decisions. During detox and other therapies, the brain undergoes a cleansing as the fog of addiction begins to lift. During this process, memory can be compromised and anxiety can increase as patients restore to a healthier state of mind. This can pose a problem for anyone fighting for themselves in the court room.

As a patient, dealing with upcoming court dates, associated fines and tickets can be confusing, overwhelming and a source for undue stress. As financial and legal issues continue to mount, patients feel the emotional pressures that follow and can minimize the positive attributes of treatment, slowing down the process of recovery and increasing the risk of relapse.

Depending on the nature of the addiction, length and severity of the disease and accompanying mental health conditions, financial predicaments may have crossed over into dire circumstances. Loss of home, runaway credit card debt and divorce may also be part of the unfortunate aftermath of addiction. Unfortunately, it can get worse.

The Consequences of Addiction Can Escalate from Civil to Criminal

Addiction, left untreated, can escalate everyday problems into lifelong punishment. As a person becomes more dependent on drugs or alcohol, the need to feed the craving for the substance grows over time ? and everything else becomes unimportant.

As a result, criminal behaviors, such as theft and violence against others, present themselves with punitive outcomes. Jail time and subsequent convictions can lead to prison. While drug or alcohol rehabilitation may be a court-mandated order, more serious and pending legal issues won?t go away by themselves.

The court liaison program at TTC Care provides legal assistance in these matters, allowing treatment to roll out as it was meant to be experienced, with minimal distractions.

What Our Court Liaison Program Does

court Liaison -courtroomThe Treatment Center?s court liaison program covers a variety of legal issues that our patients might be facing. The way it works is simple enough: our professional liaisons meet with patients, their attorneys and any other legal representatives and help them stay on top of their legal matters during addiction treatment. Most of the time, our professionals will handle the majority of legal and council coordination needs entirely on behalf of our patients.

With a TTC Care court liaison representative at each patient?s side, communication and correspondence with the necessary legal parties is ongoing. Our supervising attorney helps facilitate dialogue between patients and legal representatives, so they can continue to concentrate on what?s behind their addiction and move forward through the recovery process faster.

To maintain accountability and meet court obligations stemming from drug and alcohol addiction, our court liaison program enables:

  • Compliance with court-ordered treatment
  • Transportation to local court appearances
  • Compliance with drug court requirements
  • Compliance with Veterans Treatment Court orders
  • Video court proceedings
  • Direct communication with probation officers, law enforcement and case workers
  • Communication between multiple attorneys
  • Meetings with legal representatives
  • Nationwide attorney referrals
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol assessment scheduling
  • Public defender and private attorney consultation
  • Meeting treatment documentation requirements

Don?t Let Legal Issues Jeopardize the Benefits of Rehab

Treatment and recovery don?t have to be put on hold in favor of tending to legal matters and court obligations. You can get the legal help needed while receiving drug and alcohol addiction treatment. TTC Care in Lake Worth, Florida specializes in customized treatment plans, including our court liaison program, to get you back on track toward living the healthy life you deserve.

Call (844) 310-9546 today to learn more about our court liaison program and other treatment options available. Our admissions counselors are available 24/7, even holidays.

All conversations are 100% free and confidential.

The Court Liaison Program is a service of The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches and should never be considered formal legal representation. Hiring a private attorney for personal representation is a serious decision and recommended for those who elect to participate in the Court Liaison Program.