A 12-Step Recovery Program that Works

Chances are you didn?t find us by accident. Your search for a comforting, safe and effective solution to drug and alcohol addiction indicates a level of awareness and your need for answers. Now.

If you?re a parent or spouse yearning to stop the addiction causing harm to your loved one, we can help. If you desperately desire to see an end to your own addiction, we want to help. Our 12-step programs ? for either drug or alcohol abuse ? can ease your pain.

At TTC Care, we have a longstanding track record of successfully helping people experience healthy, vibrant living through multifaceted 12-step recovery programs. Our approach offers combined methods of integration, both individual and group counseling, with proven techniques in traditional medicine and holistic healing, as well as the option to include faith-based teachings.

The result is a custom-fit 12-step program that comprehensively addresses the needs of you or your loved one throughout the recovery process providing flexibility, understanding and compassionate care.

Why the 12 Steps? Millions Have Walked This Path to Sobriety

Twelve Step Program Florida - The Treatment Center?One step at a time. One day at a time.?

Those are sacred phrases to those in 12-step programs. In fact, success in recovery is founded on these very principles. Since 1935, people from all walks of life have relied on the 12-step process (developed by Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous) to take them from an unmanageable existence to the life they?ve always wanted to lead.

No gender, race, culture, geographic area, age or socio-economic background is immune to opioid, heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana or alcohol addiction.

Those that are afflicted by the disease of addiction can undergo the following changes in physiology and behavior:

  • Diminished ability to learn
  • Memory loss
  • Empathy
  • Reactive outbursts
  • Lack of control
  • Refusing accountability
  • Feelings of guilt or shame

The 12-step recovery process aims to reform those changes in order to begin a transformation toward greater well-being.

What Are the Benefits of Our 12-Step Recovery Programs?

Twelve-step programs are foundational tools that not only guide through the recovery process, but support recovery in everyday life. Each step offers a mode of personal accountability or teachings that, when accepted and practiced, provide a better way of life and promote the same for others who live with the same challenges.

Twelve-step recovery programs provide the gateway to:

  • Willpower
  • Self-control
  • Emotional, spiritual and physical balance
  • Character building
  • Belief in a higher power (whether in general or religious-based)
  • Forgiveness (of oneself and others)
  • Letting go

At TTC Care, the 12 steps are much more than one of our program offerings: They?re part of our philosophy. Elements of the 12 steps are woven into just about every group meeting and treatment method we offer. Since we?ve incorporated the 12 steps into our overall approach to treatment, we?ve seen great results in helping patients succeed long after their graduation from our residential program.

It?s Personal, One Step at a Time

12 Step Programs Group Therapy - The Treatment CenterTo admit the need for a 12-step recovery program takes an enormous amount of strength. Keep going! Through time spent in TTC Care?s inpatient facility in the West Palm Beach area, you?ll come to know what it means when we say, ?Hold onto hope.?

Experience is the greatest teacher. At TTC Care, you?ll be surrounded by counselors, just around the corner, who have walked the 12 steps faithfully ? and still do.

Our board-certified medical practitioners also provide guidance through working knowledge, evaluating and reevaluating your progress, every step of the way. Assessments will take place to determine if there are other underlying conditions that should be treated in conjunction with the addiction ? conditions such as trauma, stress, grief or a co-occurring disorder (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.).

Every part of our 12-step recovery programs respects anonymity: It is all confidential.

Recovery is personal. Your program and your care should be just as personal.

Different but the Same

Addiction Recovery Sunshine Birds - The Treatment CenterBelief is a core foundation at TTC Care. You already know the importance of believing in yourself. Belief in the 12-step recovery process goes beyond oneself and transcends to belief in someone or something bigger than the person alone. Belief in a higher consciousness or divinity is always decided within oneself.

Though some of the steps and traditions of the 12 steps of recovery have religious undertones, it is not mandatory to interpret them as such. TTC Care Recovery allows for freedom of interpretation in belief, setting a course for positive, personal empowerment.

If you are not comfortable with the 12 steps being part of your recovery process, that?s OK. We will work with you to create a recovery program that cultivates the strength needed for a lifetime of success.

Release. Rediscover. Redefine.

12 Step Program Drug Addiction - The Treatment Center

Reimagine your life. We can help you put your vision for the future in the here and now. By learning, embracing and following the 12-step recovery program every day, you will see it work?simply by you working through the program.

As you release the addictive self through counseling sessions, sharing personal stories, expression in creative arts, and participation in recreational activities, a greater sense of self will arise. We look forward to supporting your loved one?s or your own rediscovery of self to help recreate a purposeful life.

Your journey. Our care. Together, not alone.

There is no reason to live with the disease of addiction any longer ? whether it?s affecting you or a family member. We?re here to help: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 844-310-9546 to get help from an admissions counselor right now.

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