Who Needs Prescription Drug Addiction Help?

One of the biggest problems facing our nation is an addiction to prescription pain medication. No matter the reasons why your loved one became addicted to prescription medication, the dangers are the same across the board. Are you unsure about your loved one having an addiction or not? Here are some signs that your loved one needs prescription addiction treatment from the experts at The Treatment Center Residential Addiction Care! 

Mood Swings and Irritability

Has your loved one become more irritable and moody? This could be a sign someone is using and abusing pain medication because prescription drugs alter behaviors and foster dependence on the pills. The longer someone uses drugs, the worse their mood or behaviors become. 

Skipping Commitments 

If your loved one is skipping work or school, this is a sign they need treatment. The reason they stay home or avoid work could be drug abuse related. Abuse can lead to them losing their job or getting kicked out of school. Getting treatment helps keep people pointed in the right direction towards success.  


One of the worst things is catching your loved one lying. If you know your loved one is lying to you, chances are high that they are lying to themselves as well. Addiction is a disease which often makes a person feel ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone. That’s why they lie to you about how many pills they took today or that they quit taking them. You don’t have to feel ashamed any longer.  

Weight Change

If your loved one’s appetite changes, whether it decreases or increases, it can be a health factor and you should get them the treatment soon. Weight loss or gain in a short period of time can also indicate something is wrong.

Borrowing Money

Is your loved one asking you to borrow money? Or is your loved one taking out money from your shared account more than usual? This could be because they need the extra money and before they find another way to get it you should get them the help they need. 

Check your loved one into our inpatient rehab 

It doesn’t matter if your loved one is only showing one of the five signs, you should still get them help because it can turn from one to five in a blink of an eye. Come to our facility today and let’s talk about options for your loved one to live a drug-free life.