Should I Check into Inpatient Rehab?

Are you tired of letting your addiction run your life? You don’t have to continue to live a life weighed down by the chains of addiction! When it comes to getting yourself help, there are two great options for treatment: outpatient or inpatient rehab. You may be wondering to yourself, should I check into an inpatient rehab or is outpatient better? The experts at The Treatment Center Residential Addiction Care are specialists when it comes to all types of addiction care. Here are some reasons why inpatient care may be a better option for you!

What is Inpatient Rehab? 

Staying at an inpatient rehab like ours means that you will be living in our facility while you get better. Residents participate in daily activities to get to the bottom of your addiction struggles. Many times, people from addictions to mask over an underlying issue that they have yet to confront. At our inpatient rehab, we focus all our energy to help you in every way possible to diminish your addiction and manage your underlying mental health issues. 

Our Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program 

The way we do things at our center is different than other recovery centers. Other rehab programs don’t include the same precise level of care that we give each and every day and every hour. As part of our treatment, we offer individualized care because not everyone is the same. Staying in our facility means that you won’t have to worry about cooking or laundry. We handle all of that! Our Holistic therapies help your body heal itself as well as teach your life skills and healthy coping mechanisms to support sobriety. Some of our programs include:  

  • Group therapy 
  • Individualized counseling 
  • 12-step program 
  • Faith-based recovery 
  • Court liaison program 
  • Recreational outdoor activities 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Holistic therapy; acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and chiropractic care 

Stay at the Best Residential Treatment Facility in South Florida 

Now that you know more about inpatient rehab and what we have to offer, we hope it helped you make up your mind! If you have chosen to get inpatient care you should stay at the best residential treatment facility. You don?t have to look far for the best because our team at The Treatment Center Residential Addiction Care has what you’re looking for. Come to stay at our facility and break the chains of addiction today!