Strengthen Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Two Words

If you or someone you know has just begun their journey into a life of recovery, the experience is anything but predictable. There are certain aspects that are part of the typical process for everyone. Restoring the good life, back to where it was before addiction took hold of it, and forming a better life that supports sobriety are essential to maintaining a commitment to recovery. While this may seem like stating the obvious, recovery, in simplistic terms, is really about starting a new life and accepting that life as the only one that exists moving forward.

Even in the best of circumstances, every person in recovery is inundated with situations that can trigger an uncomfortable memory, an inappropriate reaction, a painful emotion – all unjustifiable reasons to revert back to old behaviors, leading to relapse. It can be in that temporary moment, as each moment is by definition temporary when you need to strengthen drug or alcohol addiction recovery in two words. For those moments and every moment in time, use the BEST ME formula.

Stay in the Moment, Live at Your Best

Recovery doesn’t mean reclusive. There’s no reason to hide from the triggers of life, embrace them at any given moment. Strengthen drug or alcohol addiction recovery in two words. Sound too easy? It is.  You deserve some easy tips to help reinforce the good work already done and to keep encouraging you and your family to plow through the hard times.

TTC Care has created BEST ME as a quick reminder of who you are, how far you’ve come and the successes that await you throughout recovery.

BEST ME Is Available When You Need It

Review the six qualities of BEST ME below. Once you read through and understand them, it’s clear to see how they not only support wellness for those in recovery but for anyone seeking a greater level of wellbeing.

Strengthen drug or alcohol addiction recovery in two words: BEST ME


Keeping a healthy balance in all aspects of your life is the essence of wellness. Stay away from unhealthy excesses as with moderation, balance can exist. Look forward to forging new relationships, new habits, and new-found freedoms from adopting and accepting positive change.

Eat Regularly 

The right food and hydration can go a long way to improving health and emotional stability. Many doctors believe that food can serve as preventative medicine. Proper nutrition fuels energy and supports bodily systems’ optimal function. Avoid being hangry (hunger leads to anger) by planning meals ahead of time and when possible, keeping snacks close at hand in case an unexpected delay makes mealtime impossible.

Share with Others

Recovery is an ongoing success story worth sharing with others. Tell your story often as it helps to reinforce your progress through sobriety. Sharing open up personal vulnerabilities, but engages and encourages others to share as well. This process shapes healthy relationships – another significant building-block of recovery.

Treat Yourself Well

Positive thought leads to positive action. Before you look to inspire others, make sure you are being good to yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically. Look for motivational phrases throughout each day to confirm what you already know – you are amazing. Once you treat yourself well, regularly, the benefits will shine from within you, outwardly.

Meditate, Rest and Relax

The ability to turn off from the stresses of real life is paramount to successful recovery. Sleep, and getting enough of it, allows the mind and body to restore, at the cellular level. While this is the natural way humans can regenerate to start anew each day, it may not be enough. Make sure to set time aside to rest, even if it’s just 10 minutes in between appointments, or just before picking up the kids at school. Consider adding meditation or a yoga class to your recovery regimen.

Exercise Often

Put more zest and enjoyment into your recovery with exercise. By activating and increasing cardiovascular function, dopamine levels uptick to recharge overall energy and motivation. In addition, while you exercise, the mind focuses on the activity, leaving life stresses behind. Exercise alleviates boredom and creates constructive challenges. Mind, body, and spirit take a break from negativity, promoting a stronger, happier you.

Cope Better with Active Recovery Tools

Practicing the elements of BEST ME every day provides the tools needed to empower sober living and maintain healthy relationships. For those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, self-empowerment is a two-way, direct connect to self-esteem.

In a study entitled “Factors of Empowerment for Women in Recovery from Substance Abuse,” published by the National Institutes of Health, the importance of community interaction, access to information and positive perception of self, play crucial roles in developing the psychological strength to sustain recovery.                                      

Through the ongoing use of BEST ME, patients, family and friends gain instant word association to the foundational points of recovery. Imagine how progressive our world would be if every community, every workplace, and every school used the BEST ME approach.

Engage your BEST ME. Bookmark, save and print this article. Keep a copy in your purse, at the office, or in the car for on-the-go reference. Place one on your bathroom mirror to use BEST ME as a positive affirmation at the start of each day. Follow the #BestMeTTC social media campaign and share your support. You never know, your BEST ME could help someone else.

TTC Care Empowers Your Best


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