Recovery from Prescription Drug Depakote Addiction

When most Americans think of addictive drugs, Depakote may not immediately come to mind. Although widely prescribed for various conditions such as epilepsy, migraines and manic episodes that accompany bipolar disorder, Depakote is habit-forming and can lead to addiction.

We at The Treatment Center Residential Addiction Care have seen patients who take Depakote with the best of intentions, but end up forming an unhealthy dependency.

Depakote Addiction Risks

2008 FDA Analysis Of Depakote Statistic - TTC CareBecause most of the medical conditions treated with Depakote use are long-term or permanent, these patients face a higher risk in forming Depakote addiction due to the prescribed continuous use.

Depakote is one of the most prolific antiepileptic drugs available but is far more dangerous than its addictive qualities alone. Depakote is notorious for causing suicidal thoughts and behaviors in patients. This is incredibly risky for many reasons, and can further the existing addictive cycle.

Overcoming Depakote Addiction

To defeat Depakote addiction, patients must first recognize the addictive patterns that contribute to the problem. Though it may not be an answer for everyone, consider seeking new coping strategies for the conditions the Depakote prescription is intended to treat.

However, before altering the use of any medication, consult your prescribing doctor. Stopping the use of any addictive substance without medical supervision engages the withdrawal process, which is not recommended due to associated physical and psychological risks.

Depakote Treatment and Recovery Programs

Depakote may not be the most well-known medication, but if it’s part of a regimen that you or a loved one rely on, you may want to rethink its use. Consult your prescribing doctor to discuss if alternative forms of treatment are possible and if Depakote dependency is an issue. 

The Treatment Center Residential Addiction Care approaches this kind of addiction with the same seriousness and compassion as any other. Our team of peer-revered medical professionals is well versed in the latest addiction counseling techniques and rehabilitative therapies.