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Strengthen Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Two Words

If you or someone you know has just begun their journey into a life of recovery, the experience is anything but predictable. There are certain aspects that are part of the typical process for everyone. Restoring the good life, back to where it was before addiction took hold of it, and forming a better life […]

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The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Suicide

It might seem like common sense that mental health disorders or substance abuse disorders increase a teen’s risk of suicide. But many people don’t realize how much of a relationship there is between young adult substance abuse and suicide. Young Adult suicide numbers are trending slightly up in recent years According to the Centers for Disease […]

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How Parents Of Addiction Have The Power To Fight And Win

How Parents Have the Power to Fight Addiction and Win

If you ask any parent if they really know their teenager, the response would sound more like wishful thinking. The truth about many parent-child relationships is that there is a certain amount of deception going on, especially when drug or alcohol addiction is part of the picture. So how do you know what to look […]

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Is Heroin Getting More Dangerous?

Illegal drugs come in many shapes and sizes, from rave drugs like LSD to more ubiquitous drugs like marijuana, but few are as dangerous as heroin. Driving thousands of deaths from coast to coast each year – over 13,000 in 2015 alone – this toxic substance is ripping the United States apart. But why is this happening? […]

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