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Welcome to The Treatment Center Residential Care blog! Our ultimate goal is to help struggling individuals recover from the disease known as addiction. In addition to the care we provide around the clock within the facility, we strive to provide the right resources, offer the necessary support, and share the most up-to-date information for everyone in the recovery community. You’ll find all that and more in this blog. Our team of researchers and marketing professionals posts several articles every week, covering everything from addiction treatment news and trending topics to recovery assistance and advice from TTC alumni. Education is one of the most powerful tools for sobriety— so learn more here. Read on for more!

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Common Questions About Medical Detox

medical detox 1

Drug and alcohol addiction are powerful problems that can cause people to do things they usually would not do. Every year, approximately 23.5 million people struggle with a drug or alcohol problem. Of them, roughly 3 million ever seek treatment? starting with detox. Medical detoxification, or detox, is the widely available first step of drug or alcohol […]

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The Baker Act, Part III: Voluntary Patient Admission

voluntary patient under Baker Act

At one point in American history, treatment facilities everywhere experienced a massive influx of mental health patients. In response to the stress put on mental hospitals and their patients, more and more over-the-counter psychiatric medications became available. This made it possible for voluntary patients to treat common mental health issues from the safety of their […]

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The Baker Act, Part II: Involuntary Examination and Admission

involuntary examination under Baker Act 1

The medical community has considered addiction to be a mental health issue for decades. After all, it is a disease that alters the brain. In their efforts to reduce the tremendous national impact of addiction, many of the states have taken steps to protect the rights of those who need professional help. One such example […]

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The Baker Act, Part I: Need-to-Know Facts about Patient Rights

Baker Act 1

Addiction is a disease that affects more than 23.5 million people every year. Since it alters the way the brain functions, the medical community considers addiction to be a mental health issue. In the state of Florida, laws that oversee the treatment of mental illness date all the way back to 1874. The Florida Legislature […]

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Finding Hope After Hitting Rock Bottom

hitting rock bottom 2

The phrase ?hitting rock bottom? is one that most people know. For some, it could mean financial trouble or unemployment. For others, it could mean the emotional exhaustion of a breakup or divorce. But for you, along with 23.5 million other Americans, hitting rock bottom might mean falling so far in addiction that life is […]

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