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Welcome to The Treatment Center Residential Care blog! Our ultimate goal is to help struggling individuals recover from the disease known as addiction. In addition to the care we provide around the clock within the facility, we strive to provide the right resources, offer the necessary support, and share the most up-to-date information for everyone in the recovery community. You’ll find all that and more in this blog. Our team of researchers and marketing professionals posts several articles every week, covering everything from addiction treatment news and trending topics to recovery assistance and advice from TTC alumni. Education is one of the most powerful tools for sobriety— so learn more here. Read on for more!

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Finding Hope After Hitting Rock Bottom

hitting rock bottom 2

The phrase “hitting rock bottom” is one that most people know. For some, it could mean financial trouble or unemployment. For others, it could mean the emotional exhaustion of a breakup or divorce. But for you, along with 23.5 million other Americans, hitting rock bottom might mean falling so far in addiction that life is […]

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Need-to-Know Facts About Cocaine Detox

cocaine detox 1

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant that can be snorted, smoked, or injected. It floods the brain with dopamine; the “feel good” chemical connected to feelings of happiness or euphoria. Like with many illicit drugs, cocaine can cause physical or psychological dependency in users. Even worse, the short-term effects of cocaine can cause users to take […]

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The ABC’s of Addiction Recovery: “G” is for Genetics

genetics 1

Scientists and addiction experts have studied the link between genetics and addiction for decades. After all, why do some people become addicted to a substance after initial use while others do not? A wide variety of studies seems to suggest that a person’s risk of developing an addiction can depend on genetics. This concept has […]

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The ABC’s of Addiction Recovery: “F” is for Family Dysfunction

family dysfunction 2

Addiction hurts more than the addict. Actually, it affects every member of the addict’s immediate family in some way. In fact, they all usually share the same psychological and emotional torment that comes with substance addiction. These are the driving forces behind addiction-based family dysfunction.   Family Dysfunction During Active Addiction Every family is different, […]

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Finding a Job in Recovery

a job in recovery

Today, roughly 23.5 million people in the United States struggle with a substance abuse disorder, otherwise known as addiction. For those who choose to receive treatment and get sober, there are still several obstacles ahead that make the journey challenging. Finding a job in recovery is one of them. Re-entering the workforce after spending the […]

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