TTC Care Addiction Recovery Testimonials and Success Stories

Wherever you are in your recovery journey right now, just know that there is always hope. There will always be ups and downs, but one of of the best things you learn is how to build a strong sense of self. With time, treatment and perseverance, you will find wellness and eventually live a sober, fulfilling life again.   

On this page, you can hear from some of the TTC Care alumni who are recovering from substance abuse and have graduated from our program. We hope these stories will inspire you and help you realize that you are not defined by your past. You have the power to create your future!

Addiction Recovery Testimonials from Our Alumni

Read the following recovery testimonials from graduates of TTC Care to understand our services better and to get an idea of how we can help and inspire you to turn your life around. Some of the testimonials feature a “Read More” option, which you can click to see the review in full.

The Treatment Center helped show me my life was worth saving

I had been through The Treatment Center twice, as well as twice for their outpatient program. The first time, I went home after discharge; I refused to use the knowledge and tools they gave me during my first stay and ultimately I relapsed. But on September 8, 2014 I entered TTC again. Through their in depth 12 step oriented groups, their faith based programs and all of their dedicated staff, therapists and counselors, I was given every tool that I would ever need to stay sober.

I have been blessed with a new life!

I’ve been in recovery from alcohol for 4 years now. When I went to TTC, I was a very heavy drinker and most days I just wanted to die. I felt like I had no purpose in life. I left the job that I loved because of a change in ownership. I felt like no one cared about how I felt when I wasn’t working. I had lost not just a job, but a place that I had built up and cared for as well as the customers that I had interaction with. Most of my family didn’t even know that I drank as much as I did, and to this day, most of them still do not know how much I would drink on a daily basis.

Rehab (How it should be everywhere)

I am who am today because of The Treatment Center. I can?t really come up with the words to describe how thankful I am toward this facility and the great people who work there. They treat you with dignity and respect, and at the same time would call you out on your crap.

TTC saved my life

I was using heroin daily and I was physically addicted to it. The life of a heroin addict quickly took me to dark places, and I needed help to get clean. I found The Treatment Center through the internet and called. A girl emailed me some information about it and I thought it seemed nice. At the time, I wasn’t sure about going to Florida for 35 days and missing Christmas with my family, but if I didn’t, I would either be dead now, in jail or worse ? still living the life addicted to heroin.

Great experience

I recommend the Treatment Center for substance abuse treatment for one reason: Most of the staff that works at The Treatment Center have or also once had trouble with substance abuse themselves. You cannot substitute real life experience with book knowledge. Being able to relate with the client on a personal experience is key when it comes to helping another person overcome addiction and getting them on their path to recovery.

– JN

A place that cares and changes lives!

TTC is and always will be near and dear to my heart. TTC is the place that helped me get and maintain sobriety for the first time in ten years. During my stay there, I instantly felt comfortable and cared for. They treat you as a person and individual, which was not the case at my previous stay at other substance abuse centers.

So grateful for this place saving my life

TTC saved my life. I have been there twice and I’ve also been to other treatment facilities, and TTC was the place that made everything click for me. I’ve met people there that became lifelong friends and I love dearly. TTC is a place that actually cares and gets to know each individual and continues to care for you even after your 35 days. Forever grateful.

? Mallory

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