Addiction Information for the Family

Addiction is an affliction that affects the entire family. When someone decides to seek help for substance abuse issues, his or her entire family needs their own type of therapy and counseling in order to learn how to heal and continue to support their loved one.

For the FamilyTTC Care?s substance abuse therapy for the family ensures that all members that make up the family unit receive a certain degree of treatment. When there is someone in the family who is abusing a substance, this condition affects everyone and ends up causing dysfunction for all.

Every member of the family is invited to take place in TTC Care family workshops in Florida, where they will learn how to support their loved one after he or she graduates. Family members will also learn how to heal their own wounds caused by past mistakes. 

It?s not a surprise that even as substance abuse has hurt your family, you can only focus on yourself and your own issues. You cannot be responsible for the feelings of others. However, you can help your family find ways to heal.

Breaking Free of Roles

Many times, when someone starts using drugs and alcohol, the insidiousness of the substance affects others in the family, even if they aren?t even drinking or taking drugs. This is because family members have to alter the way they live in order to protect themselves or attempt to maintain stasis and peace within the family unit. This switching of roles is called dysfunction.

Here are a few of the roles that start to appear when there is substance abuse in the family:

  • The Enabler: This person is trying to help the substance abuser, but his or her attempts typically only allow for more substance abuse. In many cases, this is someone who is closest to the drug or alcohol user.
  • The Hero: This member of the family will tend to overachieve in school or sports in an attempt to take attention away from the drug or alcohol user.
  • The Scapegoat: This member of the family will exhibit troubling behavior in order to give the family an opportunity to vent or release frustrations.
  • The Lost Child: Usually a middle child, this family member will almost disappear and seem to retreat into themselves.
  • The Mascot: This family ember uses humor in order to diffuse tense situations. Typically the youngest member of the family, he or she was more than likely born into the dysfunction.

These roles are dangerous because they promote dysfunction within the family. They keep the cycle of substance abuse moving forward.

TTC Care believes that the entire family can and should heal. That?s why going to a treatment facility that helps the entire family is important.

Our Family Program Can Help End This Downward Spiral

Bringing the Family TogetherNo person can go it alone, and you need to know how to stop the cycle of pain. We can help. You can get in touch with us any time at 844-310-9546 to learn how we can help your struggling loved one and your family. If you?d like to learn more about our Florida-based substance abuse therapy for the family program, click below.