Why Choose TTCcare?

The first step towards sobriety is recognizing there is a substance abuse problem. The next step in the process ? selecting a residential inpatient treatment center ? is just as important.

If you or someone you know is in need of treatment, a change of residence during initial recovery increases the chances of success. What better place to restore the mind, body and spirit ? and transform to a life free of addiction ? than the tranquil safe haven of TTC Care in South Florida?

While staying at our inpatient rehabilitation center, patients receive individualized treatment designed to meet their specific needs regarding mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Although there are similarities in addiction behaviors, no two people have the same point of origin in disease development and progression. Their treatment program should be just as individualized to maximize effectiveness.

Expect a different level of comfort and compassionate care from the moment you enter our doors. Through medically supervised detox and every phase of recovery, you?ll come to know why our residential inpatient facility is the right place for you to begin your journey toward a better life.

Simple Admissions Process Keeps the Focus on Recovery

We understand that things can get confusing and hectic after you or a loved one has expressed the desire to seek treatment at a residential inpatient facility. That?s why our admissions process is simple and straightforward.

Welcoming to TTCCare Rehab

When you are ready to move forward and start treatment, we?re ready for you. Admissions counselors are available 24/7 to answer any questions that arise about addiction, recovery and what to expect along the way. This will be the first of many points of contact where you?ll experience our attentiveness and why better drug or alcohol rehab in South Florida lives here, at TTC Care.  

A dedicated counselor will listen to your concerns and provide information regarding payment options ? including insurance ? so no stone is left unturned once treatment begins.

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Multidisciplinary Care Confronts All Facets of Addiction

Addiction is a complex, potentially fatal disease that must be treated correctly to be effective and minimize risk to the patient. There are cases when substance abuse is coupled with a mental health condition, known as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. In these instances, medical and mental health professionals need to design treatment and recovery programs on a much deeper level.

At TTC Care, we employ a diverse staff of board-certified physicians, therapists, nurses, counselors and holistic professionals to ensure that every patient?s medical and mental health needs are thoroughly identified and addressed ? because treatment doesn?t end when detox is over.

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Flexible, Personalized Treatment Program Options Are Invaluable

Your health care doesn?t fit into a pre-made template. Drug or alcohol addiction treatment should allow flexibility and interaction between patient and practitioner. We have found that when patients have an active part in the formulation of their recovery program, they are more accepting of the treatment and better able to commit to the recovery process.

Multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation

Whether a patient wants to emphasize holistic treatment, physical fitness, chronic pain rehabilitation or family therapy during his or her recovery, our treatment center is ready and able to accommodate these requests. For patients who want to incorporate their faith into the recovery process, the 12-step program can be explored, with a denominational preference if desired, as can our many other faith-based services, such as our Road to Freedom program.

TTC Care Inpatient Residential Services Make Treatment Convenient

Logistics can be a major roadblock for individuals or families seeking help from a residential inpatient treatment center. That?s why our admissions counselors are committed to making how you get here as hassle-free as possible, no matter where in the U.S. you call home.

While patients receive the treatment they need from highly accredited health professionals, other matters outside of recovery may require attention. A common consequence of addiction is associated legal obligations. Our court liaison program facilitates communication between patients and legal professionals while allowing patients to maintain focus on our better drug or alcohol rehabilitation process in South Florida.

Extended Support for Lifelong Recovery

extended support for recovery at TTCCareWe know that recovery doesn?t stop the moment a patient leaves our facility to start a new, healthy life. Because we?re dedicated to patients long after they graduate from our programs, we urge participation in TTC Care alumni-focused gatherings. Meetings take place weekly with community events going on each month.

Additionally, we provide numerous outpatient and aftercare services in Lake Worth, Florida for those desiring extra help while transitioning back into their everyday lives.

The long-term support we provide aids patients who continue to battle substance cravings and the emotional scars of addiction that can linger. Recovery is a lifelong process. Better drug or alcohol rehab in South Florida, found at TTC Care, ensures you never have to experience recovery alone.

Reach Out to Compassionate Admissions Counselors

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, our admissions counselors are standing by right now at 844-310-9546 to answer your questions about our admissions process, patient services and multidisciplinary staff.