Meet the Rehab Addiction Specialists at TTC Care

At TTC Care, our mission is to provide the highest level of care for our patients as they walk the road to recovery. That?s why our staff is made up of a diverse set of multidisciplinary professionals who are experts in their fields and dedicated to helping clients find an end to their addiction.

We recognize that each client is unique and has different needs in recovery. Because our staff is so diverse, talent- and background-wise, we are capable of providing clients with personalized treatment plans that address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their addiction.

Learn more about our experienced executive team and rehab addiction specialists below. You?re always welcome to reach out to us at 844-310-9546 if you have any questions about our treatment programs or our West Palm Beach-area facility.

Executive Team

  • Katie Chernak
    Katie Chernak
  • Barry Laramee
    Barry Laramee
    Facility Director

Medical and Clinical Team

  • Raymond Alvarez
    Raymond Alvarez
    Interim Director of Clinical Care
  • Rostislav Ignatov, MD
    Rostislav Ignatov, MD
    Medical Director

Administrative Team

  • Sandra Rose
    Sandra Rose
    Director of Human Resources
If you have any questions for our treatment team or about TTC Care in general, please visit our Contact page to submit your inquiry to us easily and securely.