The Treatment Center (TTC Care) is a licensed detox and residential inpatient facility in West Palm Beach, Florida for those in need of addiction treatment and recovery.

The Treatment Center: A Highly Respected Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Has your addiction grown out of control and is making you feel like you are in the middle of bad dream? Has your loved one become unrecognizable due to drug or alcohol use? Do you no longer feel like you can get well on your own? We understand the power that addiction holds over you, your friends and your family. Not only does addiction destroy the addict?s own life, its insidious nature can also destroy the lives of those closest to them. No matter how hopeless things seem, remember, there is a way out.

Welcome to The Treatment Center. This is where the healing begins.

Addiction is a disease. You can heal and recover from any and all substance abuse addiction whether it?s alcohol, meth, cocaine or prescription drugs. With the caring help of the clinicians at TTC Care who have years of experience helping thousands of people just like you, sobriety is possible. When you contact us, we make a commitment to you: you will find your life again. You will recover as we become your partners on your lifelong road to recovery.